That Sunday Barrel’s 2014 NHL Playoffs Predictions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’s snow on the ground, the air is chilly, and some exciting hockey is ready to be played. Why yes it’s… [checks calendar] mid-April, and the NHL Playoffs are finally here!

Even for the first round, there are some really exciting match ups going on: San Jose vs. LA, Boston vs. Wings, and Rangers vs. Flyers. There are also some interesting questions waiting to be answered, like: Will this finally be the year the Blues hoist the Cup? Will this finally be there year San Jose doesn’t choke (spoiler alert: it won’t)? Will Columbus win a playoff game for the first time in franchise history? Who will have the best playoff beard? Will Canada win a Gold Medal AND a Stanley Cup all in the same year (those friendly bastards will be relentless if Montreal wins)? And… can anybody beat Boston?

Like Vince Gilligan, the NHL Playoffs always provide the answers, but it’s more fun to predict the answers yourself isn’t it? Below are my picks for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, coming from a biased (but reasonable) Rangers fan:

Round 1

Ducks over Dallas in six

LA over San Jose in six

Avalanche over Wild in five

Chicago over Blues in seven


Boston over Wings in five

Montreal over Tampa in six

Penguins over Columbus in seven

Rangers over Flyers in seven


Round 2

LA over Ducks in seven

Chicago over Avs in six


Boston over Montreal in six

Rangers over Pittsburgh in six


Round 3

LA over Chicago in seven

Boston over Rangers in seven


Stanley Cup Final

Boston over LA in six


Notes from the Rangers fan in me:

I think the Rangers are actually in a good position for a long playoff run. Obviously, with Henrik Lundqvist in net, they’ll have an advantage over anyone they play. Despite a really poor start to the season, the King has been lights out since January, and he looks more than ready for the playoffs. This year’s breakout line of Zuccarello-Pouliot-Brassard, as well as the emergence of a strong/reliable fourth line, will be the difference makers this year. The Rangers will also need to cash in on the Power Play more often than not, as that’s always been their Achilles Heel in the Spring. And if the Rangers’ big name forwards Rick Nash and Marty St. Louis actually play like the stars they are, New York’s chances are pretty good. While I believe it’s Boston’s Cup to lose this year, this New York Rangers team can beat anyone in the East, as long as they use their speed and play smart defense.



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