Ilya Bryzgalov signs with Edmonton Oilers

by Jeff Yerger

Yes! Ilya Bryzgalov a.k.a. Mr. Universe is (deservedly) back in the NHL, after signing with the Edmonton Oilers on Friday. Honestly, I am elated! 

The dude is one of the most entertaining goaltenders in the NHL, and by entertaining, I mean absolutely hilarious. The stuff that comes out of this guy’s mouth is gold, Jerry, gold! Now that he has escaped the “Goalie Graveyard” in Philadelphia, he now has a perfect opportunity for redemption, like Andy Dufresne with his arms wide open having just escaped Shawshank Prison. It’s easy to forget how good of a goaltender he is, and I truly think he can help make Edmonton a playoff contender once again. Good move by them!

As we await Mr. Universe’s 2013-2014 NHL debut, here are some Bryzgalov highlights:



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